Sicilian Cuisine by Local Home Cooking Restaurant Chefs



The idea of a Retreat for Donatella includes the quality and the energy involving food quality and food preparation. Being a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Donatella has always given priority to the way she feeds her clients during her Retreats. It’s one of her firm beliefs that allowing our bodies to feel nurtured and loved is important to allow a deeper part of ourselves to open up and transform.

“…A lot of our earlier memories are most likely attached to food and the story around it is one of the most important chapter of our lives. For these reasons, it becomes important during a meditation retreat, to experience a magical relationship with food, with the abundance of freshly grown fruits and vegetables, fragrant herbs, and divinely cooked dishes, just prepared and served to you in a loving and elegant manner by our superb cooks Alda and Franz.  ~Donatella Moltisanti

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Franz and Alda, renown home cooking chefs, just fit the bill. They are in love with each other and in love with their art of cooking.  Not only they cook divinely, but they put so much love in their recipes and decorations that it’s impossible not to feel pampered.


photo 4-2
Organic local mushrooms with herbs and gluten free bread crumbs

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“…phenomenal food and location.” G.K., Brooklyn, NY

photo 5-2
Home made gluten free cookies for our delicious breakfast


Oven cooked typical Sicilian “Impanata” with veggies


The Sicilian original cuisine is an important element to the experience of being immersed in the Sicilian culture. All of the food for the retreat is prepared on staff daily to bring the flavors of Sicily to our table.

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photo 2-6
Fresh Fish chosen daily by our expert cook Franz in the early morning catch by local fishermen



You’ll enjoy fresh grown products and local dishes lovingly prepared with attention to detail. You’ll have the choice of vegetarian or local mediterranean meals.

photo 1-7
Fresh home-made gluten free past by Alda’s golden hands


A full experience on its own and pure joy for your taste buds. Enjoy!


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For more information, please call (855) Angels 5 or email


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