cropped-cropped-cropped-20150704_202339.jpg” Donatella’s retreat is one of the most memorable experiences in my life. This is a transformative experience. I released patterns that no longer serve me and cradled by the hands of divine love. The healing is deep. Donatella is the what I call the, “REAL DEAL”. I am not the same person after this retreat. I am re-discovering who I am. I speak and listen from my heart as a woman, wife and mother. Her and her team come from the space of the heart. You feel that you are a true goddess staying at the “Goddess House”. Not to mention the daily yoga, meditations, swims in the ocean, DELICIOUS meal and the community of women who are along this journey with you. Be prepared to cry, laugh, dance, and love, love and more love!!! I look forward to coming every year!!!” P.T.-NY, NY


“A private Vitality Soul retreat with Donatella is a transformative experience. Regular, committed work with a healer has been essential in manifesting balance and beauty in my life. However, a one-on-one retreat is an opportunity to dive deep, with intensity and focus in order to uncover and heal that which could otherwise take immensely longer in linear time. In addition to producing profound healing, these private retreats reveal to me a greater knowing of myself in this and other lives, as well as the multidimensional being that I am. Such breakthroughs have catapulted me forward in life in such a way that can only be described as miraculous. I know that when I book a private retreat with Donatella, I am really booking a magical conference room for myself and Spirit where great things will be accomplished through hard work, love and fearlessness. Although intense, the retreat with Donatella is at the same time a gentle and loving experience. Through regular work together, I am familiar with Donatella’s amazing abilities and passion for her work. Through private retreat, I have experienced the next level of incredible healing and expansion that she enables. Thank you, Donatella!”~M.L. NY, NY

“(The Retreat was)…Life altering…powerful…extremely organized.” C.L.-Washington DC

“I found the retreat 100 percent transformative and insightful. I feel more grounded, hopeful and centered than I have in a very long time and I’m eating and looking better as well. I think what sets the retreat apart from the one-on-one sessions, aside from the phenomenal food and location, is that it equips students with tools — practical instruction and insights on ways to continue to connect to spirit in your daily life. I also think that Sicily — its rhythm, its beauty, its people – lends itself to this kind of sacred work and connection in a way that I am not sure would have occurred as easily elsewhere. Perhaps the biggest blessing for me from this experience is that it cemented my faith in spirit and my commitment to the spiritual path. There is no way you could walk away from this experience and ever again question the complete support of the universe or our oneness with it. So thank you for all the blessings and gifts that come from the magical work you do.” G.K.-NY, NY

“Transformational….rejuvenating….nurturing.” M.L.-NY, NYIMG_4258

“Donatella’s Retreat in Sicily is simply one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I was not sure what to expect, but what I experienced and received was beyond my wildest dreams. I shed unhealthy relationship patterns, I renewed my faith in the universe, and I received clear insights regarding my life purpose. There are many more deeply personal things I came away with that were even more profound and life changing.  The results of this retreat are so deeply personal and individual, which is part of what makes it so unique and beautiful. I think everyone on it walked away with their own unique and very specific insights. Anyone who is serious about working to improve themselves, anyone seriously looking for answers to life’s difficult questions, or anyone who wants to strengthen their connection to source would greatly benefit from this retreat. ”  A.S.- Colorado Springs, CO

IMG_4378“It was a magical, mystical week for me, full of so many differing emotions and insights, some that are almost too profound for me to get into words…That this experience was life-changing for me is an understatement.” C.G.-NY, NY

“Donatella never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge, insight and accuracy. Not only can she hone in on the core of complex issues but can unravel them with amazing speed and creativity.” C.F.-Virginia

“Donatella has worked extensively with my daughter who was sexually abused at a very young age. I am certain that she has completely changed the future of my child by lifting the energy and the trauma associated with that horrific experience. Donatella has lifted layers of pain, shame, anguish, and guilt from both me and my child. My daughter has gone from a shy, withdrawn, serious child who was afraid to trust to a vibrant, happy child who is thriving in school and making lots of friends. If you are searching for a real and comprehensive answer to a similar experience, know that working with Donatella will change your life, and the life of your child.”  Anonymous

image“I highly recommend doing this retreat with Donatella. Not only did I sleep better than I have in years we journeyed through so many areas of my life – by the end everything made sense. It was a cross between a Caribbean vacation- therapy – a sleep clinic a psychic and intense meditation. All of my senses were engaged. I can’t wait to go again!”

“I have been to Donatella’s retreat twice so far and I had amazing breakthrough in my true self. It was very intense and in depth spiritual journey which is one of best decision I have ever made in my life.” S.K-NY, NY

“…Donatella is a living Oracle and a “true gift.” She has changed my life in more ways than I can have ever dreamed possible. Not only has she magically touched my life, but the life of my two young children and my husband. As a result of my work with Donatella, my marriage has become more unified and stable. My youngest son went from being a super angry kid to being a beyond lovable being and creator. My daughter has gone from eating super unhealthy foods to making better choices for her body. And I am a more confident mother, wife, sister, friend, student, worker, creator, and so much more!!! Prior to working with Donatella, I had never done any spiritual work. I didn’t even know what energy work was either. There are simply no words to describe the gifts that she has brought and continues to bring into my life. If you are looking to make a change in your life, be prepared for the Divine to enter your world because Donatella is simply MAGICAL!!!!” C.M.-Thousand Oaks, CA

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1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I can whole-heartedly agree with all the comments listed above about Donatella’s retreat, which was life-changing and transformative. I read the reviews on this website before ultimately deciding to come on this retreat, and it was those reviews that ultimately drew me in, even though the rest of the Universe was conspiring to get me there anyway, prior to looking at the website. The land, the magic of Sicily, the water and the lovely people were all part of this mystical and magical experience. I left NY for Sicily, exhausted, frustrated and at the end of my rope, a place I had actually never been in my entire life. The Self-Love Retreat with Donatella and her special gifts, combined with this beautiful space accessed a healing in me beyond my wildest expectations and was something I was so very much needing. I came away rejuvenated and secure, confident in my grounding and connection to Source as well as equipped with special tools to continue down my path. I am grateful to all those on the retreat with me, and of course, Donatella, as we went through this experience together, with all that we all brought to the retreat. I cannot thank everyone enough who played a part in me getting there. It was magical.


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