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Thank you for joining me for my 2017 Winter Sound Healing Concert Series!

“One of my favorite expressions of Healing and Love is Sound.” ~Donatella

I have thoroughly enjoyed holding space for the Sound Healing experiences in the presence of water and nature. I have felt strongly that these sacred grounds are supporting and nurturing the long hours of meditation, the winter retreats, and the Sound Healing Concerts.

It is with great gratitude in my heart that I want to close this season’s last Sound Healing Concert in Milford, dedicating it to the Water Spirit and the channeling of the Whale’s songs.

When the Spirit of the Whales entered my life, it felt like powerful magnified lenses had entered my consciousness, showing me closely the infinite parts of my soul, the emotions that I carry inside, how to learn from past experience’s, how to free myself, and find peace.

When I channel the Whale’s voice my spirit constantly moves with them and it’s when they take me into the darkness on my soul, that I learn to see the light in every part of myself. Whales have taught me to listen to my inner voice and to understand the importance of knowing my own strength, and using it to follow my truth.

I like to see a correlation between the whales spiritual role of helping us to connect to our deeper inner layers of truths and the ways they contribute to the ocean ecosystem.

Thanks to their continuous vertical movement between the shallow waters and the deep profound dark fundals, they play an important role in the environment. By moving and mixing the oceans waters, and discharging phytoplankton, they allow other species to thrive and reproduce and contribute to a cleaner atmosphere.

Are you ready to make your voice heard?

Whales songs are heard far and wide and their voice is vital to their community as well as for the healing vibration that they bring. Most of all, the whale’s spirit urges you to listen to your voice and to master the wisdom of self expression.

When I engage with their soul songs within a Sound Healing Concert, it is very interesting to see how everyone that tunes in with the intention of receiving the gift of their message, is immediately engaged in the intimacy of their dance. I often witness the enthusiasm of the whale spirit embracing each person and working with him/her in a delicate and unforgettable way.

Do you want more abundance and success in your life?

Your vibrational frequency could be the thing that is holding you back or maybe you are carrying too much pressure on your shoulders. Whales are also multidimensional High Beings and their songs touch your divine dimension, penetrate your Aura to enlighten your Spirit with a high frequency intelligence. Uniting you with the frequency of your Higher Heart, is the best way to start creating your life in abundance and peace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to travel into your ‘deep waters’ with the Whale’s Spirit!

This is an opportunity for you to relax, depressurize, and come out for some good fresh air! The whales will take you into a meditative state and, if you will allow it, this magical experience will touch you deeply and in a transformative way.

Please, join me this Saturday, April 22nd from 5:30-7:30 pm in Milford, Connecticut or JOIN LIVE via video conference for a truly transformative experience!

In Love,




All is Sound. The whole Earth is a Song. Sound is medicine and it has been used by ancient mystics for thousands of years to bring a state of Inner Peace and a Divine Silence that creates a state of Union with All that Is.

Participating in A Sound Healing Concert with Donatella is an opportunity for anyone that wants to bathe in a harmonious field of higher vibrations to achieve a better state of Inner Harmony. Donatella’s connection with Sound and Healing is profound and effective. Your whole being, your innate tendency to strive toward balance, is enhanced and supported, your subtle bodies will awaken, healed and rejuvenated. When Donatella chants, she channels Pure Love, Compassion, and Joy. Her sound brings in the space the Golden and Violet Healing Flames and the magic of creation comes alive with the intervention of the Whales and Dolphins Songs.

Have you experienced Donatella channeling the Whales? In the summer of 2011 the Whales appeared in her third eye while she was in meditation on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and since then she has been channeling their Songs and Messages.

What you will hear is only her voice without any instruments of any kind…One can truly perceive the multidimensional nature of the Whales Spirit.


“When you experience Donatella’s Sound Healing Concerts you will know what a gift it is to be in the presence of her Voice and her Being”.

~ D.R., CT

Your voice – HOLY SMOKES!!!!! Your voice makes my head tingle, waves of tingles upon waves of tingles, cascading from the top of my head down. I only experience this when I am being massaged by a few particular people, or chimes in Yoga class, or when I see gold sparkles in my peripheral vision and know angels are present. This is the first I’ve experienced it with a voice, and online to boot!!! You have a gift and a presence that is without boundary. Thank you for sharing it.” Anna G. – New York, NY

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