Women Only~ June 18th-23rd, 2017

The Goddess Path

A Retreat to Revive and Embrace the True Nature of the Feminine



Experience an Inner Awakening and an Initiation into your Divine Feminine Essence!

For eons women have been trained to keep it down, to self repress and self contain their ideas and sense of freedom. The perception of women’s qualities has been distorted and vilified, punished and ridiculed. The relationship among women has been difficult, based on the false principle of competition, suspicion and control.

This Retreat is dedicated to you and to your inner Goddess. If you are ready to use new eyes to discover your beauty and feel at home inside your body then your Goddess nature will receive a great boost to surface and get into the driver seat. You are the right candidate for this Retreat if you are ready to fully experience the magic of your femininity outside monopolized paradigms and false moralities.

You’ll learn to recognize the beauty of the feminine that manifests in your physical body, how to respect your nature and use it to bring beauty around you.

If, no matter what you do, there is a void inside of you that doesn’t let you rest at night, maybe it is your voice and your inner maiden that is suffocating. It is important that women learn to recognize and listen to the different parts of the feminine inside and discover the immense treasure that lays prisoner inside.

Come to this amazing Retreat to make a giant step towards Self Love versus Self Sacrifice, to Know and Express Your Voice and to Show Up in Your Worth.

Often, women are trapped in the illusion that to show their worth they need to overwork and sacrifice themselves. This results in a sad existence, filled with resentment, self abandonment, victimism and judgment towards other women. In truth, the maiden inside of you is rebelling to the status quo that you have adopted, and creates drama, unsettled situations and an overall sense of dissatisfaction.

Step by step you will reunite with your Feminine True Power, you will understand how to become one with your Divine Self and how to create from an inner perspective of your Sacred Sexuality.

You will discover that the power of creation is in your hands! Are you going to use it against yourself or are you going to be an active creative force to affect the reality around you? Are you ready to use your manifestation inner tools to create magic in your life, in your future and the future of your family? Step by step you will be introduced to your innate ability to connect with Creation at large and to receive, first a personal healing that will spread in every cell of your body and throughout your chakras, and then you will be able to assume your role in society from this magical perspective.

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