Open to All ~ Heal Your Heart for Love September 3rd – 8th, 2017

Personal Transformation


Welcome to my annual theme for spiritual work that I hold in the magical land of Sicily.

To manifest the new reality that you so deeply desire, you need to open the doors of the inner chambers of rejection and abandonment and allow your energetic field to regenerate.

This Spiritual Retreat will focus on healing the coping mechanisms that are keeping you trapped and away from a life of love and happiness. Here you will learn the way to fully embrace life and to let go of the invisible walls of self protection and scarcity that are keeping your life on hold.

Welcome your dreams of love, of openness and inner relaxation in the environment that I like to create in Sicily with the help of wonderful cooks, the inimitable landscapes made of a warm Sea and amazing Sunsets.

It is just the perfect atmosphere for you to open your heart and let go of what in the past has created a wall of insecurity, automatic responses and discouragement.

I have been in this place of false protection, way too many times and only after releasing the inner wall created by rejection and abandonment, I realized the importance of being free inside, versus protecting my way to happiness.

We all, as children experience the world from a delicate point of Oneness and move to a point of Individuation. We are helped in this process by our parents, siblings and peers. The whole environment affects our perception of ourselves and our reality.

Commonly, the environment surrounding a child is often mostly based on reactions and consequences rather than based on choices and understandings. This has left generation after generation wrapped in a wounded lineage creating a difficult path to walk.

Imagine an inner life that is the result of an aware and a serene approach to what at the moment you perceive to be difficult and impossible.

Imagine now to be in charge of your inner life and to be able to re-write the script of your inner guide lines. Would you do it? Would you give yourself a new start?

With the awareness that all is in the present, I will guide you to pause your automatic default settings and after rewinding your inner tape, together we will re-write your destiny in the space of a renewed and trustful heart.

In the magical setting of Sicily, mesmerized by this pampering landscape, you will have an out of space and out of time experience, that will enable you to come back to your daily routine with a completely different mind set.

Our daily trips to the local beaches to practice yoga and meditation will awaken your spiritual connection with nature and with your own nature. You will also have the opportunity to visit highly powerful sites that will contribute to your inner transformation.

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