Welcome to Sicily: Accommodations and Transportation

Listen to Donatella discuss the beautiful Sicilian Retreat here:



All guests stay at the beautiful Villa Magda, just steps from the beach in Marina di Ragusa, in the Provence of Ragusa, Sicily. Villa Magda has large spaces and provides privacy and good rest. The lodging is shared with other Retreat participants. If you would prefer the privacy of a single room the cost is an additional $150 per night and these accommodations will be provided off-site.





  • Retreat fee is $1,850
  • Food cost is $600 (covers 5 breakfast, 5 lunches and 5 dinners)
  • Shared Lodging $300

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or for more information, please email vitalitysoulworkshops@gmail.com

Special Services:

If you would like to include your little ones on the Retreat, we would love to have them! We offer a babysitting service where they will be lovingly cared for throughout the day. We also offer mini-cooking classes with our gourmet chefs where they can incorporate fun into learning the art of Sicilian cooking! We also have options for day camp where children can take sailing, scuba, or windsurfing lessons. Please call or email for more information regarding these programs. All special services are an additional cost.


  • You can fly into Comiso or Catania airport and take a car to Marina di Ragusa.
  • From the CT Airport there are BUS services going to Ragusa and Marina di Ragusa that leave approximately every 2 hours. (cost E 7.50)
  • Comiso is approximately 45 minutes from Marina di Ragusa (Comiso has only car service with reservation)
  • Catania is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Marina di Ragusa. The car service is approximately Euro 150
  • If you would like us to book a car for you, we would be happy to!
  • Please plan to arrive anytime on September 3rd, keeping in mind that the program starts at 5:30 pm
  • Please plan your departing flight for the morning of September 9th. Please feel free to stay the night of September 8th!


Welcome to Sicily!

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