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 Stacie Bronson Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master

Yoga PicStacie became fully immersed in Yoga in 2013 practicing everyday and continued with her Yoga philosophy studies.  Sometime during 2013 she also made the transition from a life-long vegetarian to a vegan. In 2015 she went to Rishikesh, India spending 2 months training to become a Yoga teacher.

During her time in India Stacie continued her musical studies, became a certified sound healer and authored two self-published books:  Guide to Living in Italy and Living in Italy as a Vegan.

In 2005 Stacie took her first Reiki class for self healing and to raise her vibrations. Shortly after, she became a 2nd level Reiki Master so she could heal her friends and family members.  Stacie Bronson is now a 3rd level Reiki Master.

Stacie began studying classical piano at a young age and continued into her late 20s, practicing for hours as an almost meditation. After graduation with a degree in music, she started traveling to better grasp  and experience the world in which she lived.

All of Stacie’s leadership and healing studies were done with the intention to  help others to see where they are in the grand scheme of things and to help them learn how to be more at peace with themselves.


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