About Donatella


Holistic Counselor Donatella Moltisanti is an internationally acclaimed Sound Healer, Soul teacher, healer, channel and singer.

Donatella’s specific gift of Divine Transmission travels through her voice and brings in a direct Divine Connection. An Opera Singer by trade, she has performed and shared her gift for many years before she discovered the ability to channel the vibrations of the Purple and Golden Rays through her tones. These Rays are the most Spiritually connected to the Heart of God, the Heart of the One, the Heart of the Universe. Today she uses her voice to chant the Divine Mother’s messages and in oneness with Nature she channels the healing songs of Whales and Dolphins.

Donatella’s unstoppable thirst for learning has resulted in her mastering many modalities of healing, including, but not limited to Bel Vaspata- an Angel Healing modality from Almine Wisdom teachings, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Channeling and is a Master in the Mayan healing modality Divine Intervention.

Donatella has received guidance from an early age from Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael. She feels very connected to the legacy of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary.

She has made a daily practice of connecting with the Angels and Masters and she shares their wisdom with her clients regularly to co-create a life of beauty and balance.

Donatella has devoted her life to sharing her spiritual awareness. She is a true planet healer who uses Divine Guidance to bring balance, self-love, and to cooperate in the wholeness of the world. She is inspired by nature and traveling; she loves visiting and discovering sacred sites, connecting to the primordial vitality and spirit of nature, animals, and birds. She wishes to contribute to the well-being of people’s souls and hearts by bringing in and sharing with like-minded people, the magic of life.



Words of Gratitude

“Donatella is a supremely ethical, genuine and powerful spiritual teacher who is divinely guided. She is the embodiment of unconditional love. She will make you fall in love with life.” A.S., NY

“Working with Donatella has been a blessing in my life. She is a pillar of light, truth, love, courage and consciousness…My life is growing at a fast pace in awareness and abundance…It is truly the best investment that you could make for your life and yourself.” C.V., Brooklyn, New York


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