Are you looking for that inner integration and balance that your whole being is so strongly wanting?

Are you, like me, going into a period of intense clearing, expanding and then contracting? Of union within and without and then back into the safety of solitude and isolation? Sometimes lovingly embracing who you are and other times allowing the inner critic get the best of you….

As I am guided to live in the embodiment of the sacred feminine manifested both in my body and in my perspective of life, I dare to feel and nest in my heart, the deep power of the intrinsic connection that all women have with abundance, beauty and Life Force itself.

But the question is: How to embrace and keep that wealth of truth inside of us and function in an increasingly complicated world?

You, I, and the majority of women have retreated in the illusion of powerlessness, abandoning and ignoring, the feminine power, letting it be dormant for centuries cultivating the need to hide, in order to survive. But, just surviving is Not Living, and our attitude has created a slow death energy that has involved everyone, with repercussions affecting families, society, nature, and the mentality of war.

As life unfolds, our view and understanding of the feminine essence is growing, showing, to those that have eyes to see, the True Wisdoms and Freedom that the Divine Feminine Essence itself brings in the world through You, me and every woman.

We Do receive an Infinite Supply of help and guidance from the Divine Feminine and it is time for us to understand how to embody It, and how to grow within It, so that we never again feel in danger or out of place and isolated.

Are you ready to be embraced by the magic of your feminine energy? Are you ready to see your body as the Infinite Connection that allows your Human Self to communicate with your Infinite Self?

Do you know that, as a woman, you hold the power of bringing the flow of abundance to your family? That your connection with life is genetically enhanced and if used properly can be used to manifest all that you need in your life and the life around you?

Do you know that your body has secret doors to the Infinite and it is ready to be awakened for its true purpose?

This and much more will be available to you at the women only Retreat on June 18th-23rd, 2017, in Sicily.

If you are ready to live your femininity in a new way, with no limitations and false ideas of inferiority, this is the experience that you were awaiting for.

You will experience the initiation to the Magic of the Feminine, a new connection to your Divine Feminine Self and will be advised on how to use it in your everyday life!

The time is now to choose to experience an unforgettable life shift!

I really hope you choose to join us!

Want to Learn More? To make sure we serve your needs, we’d love to have a One on One Conversation where you can learn more about how this retreat can truly heal and energize your life!

Click here to schedule your Complimentary One on One Conversation!

Wishing you the best,

PS: Check out more about this retreat

Are  You Moving Through Life Harmoniously? Are your waters clear? Can you navigate your life’s affairs confidently?

Shamans have always known the magic and the great healing powers of Animal Spirit and have used it for eons to acquire wisdom and knowledge from the invisible world.

Whale Spirit is known for keeping the earth’s records since the beginning of creation; this means that the Whales energy will tap into your ancestral DNA and unlock the information needed for your evolution.

Whales also are multidimensional beings and their Spirit may invite you to swim through the spheres of your Akashic records: the book of your Eternal Self!
If you are looking for guidance to come out from situations that are not optimal, or if you feel trapped into a negative emotional routine, grab the Whale’s fin and let her/him move you strategically to a better place.

Whales bring spiritual awakening!

When you choose a Spirit Whale as guide you are in the hands of a sacred teacher and a transformer. The Whale’s Spirit has the ability to awaken your senses and as a result you will start to realize that there is more to your reality then appears it to be.

The blessings of working with these sacred beings is that you can ask their Spirit to be with you and guide you in your self-examination practice to master yourself and to unite with your Divine Self.

There is so much to receive from these magical creatures and the best is reserved to the power of the collective consciousness present in the Sound Healing Concert.

I am looking forward to traveling into the deep waters of love and transformation, together with the Whale’s Spirit and you!

In Love,


 Are You Feeling the Power in the Air?

As we proceed into the year 2017, the energies of personal power and leadership are calling us, asking us to show up with the best part of the ourselves, maybe the part that is still dormant, the part that we keep on the shelf, or just  waiting for what we think is the right moment.

Well, now is the right moment!

The energy of the past full Moon is still spreading magic dust all over us and I have felt the blessings of the clearing power that her rays have extended over me with her usual grace.

Just now we are navigating between the Eclipse/Full Moon energy (Feb.10th) and the Solar Eclipse (Feb. 26th) and both of these eclipses are creating a long full cycle, joyfully supporting the manifestation of our next adventure, asking us to put our skills and talents to use.  

During the eclipse, the polarities between the elements are highlighted, creating a sense of tension, a push and pull that can become palpable when we communicate or even within our own inner dialogue.

The Sound Healing Concert this Saturday is going to have a calming healing effect to balance the dynamics between opposite emotions and lightening the surfacing of any heavy energies.

As you allow the waves of the singing bowl’s vibrations and the channeled songs of the Whales and Dolphins to touch and heal you, you will feel that a heavy a burden has been lifted, leaving your heart open and your imagination activated.

The power of the sound of the human voice is such that it  awakens chambers of creation in the heart of the Divine and allows us to experience oneness. To prepare your energy to receive the harmonious and beneficial energies of the Solar Eclipse, I will direct this Sound Healing experience so you can focus on uplifting self doubt from deep within.

This Saturday’s Sound Healing will focus on:

  • The activation of personal talents
  • Awakening of your inner Bravery necessary to support you in your next adventure
  • Body healing
  • Heart Healing
  • Harmonic Waves Activation to prepare for the Solar Eclipse

How to prepare to get the best beneficial results from a Sound Healing Concert?

To get the best of this experience, I suggest you pin down two or three aspects or energies that you are concerned about, and when the energies are activated, let your energy relax and allow the sound’s vibration do the work!

I am looking forward to spending two hours in deep relaxation and meditation with you, while the magic of the Divine Harmonics touch and transform you from within!

In Love,


Give Yourself the Gift of Healing

If you have been in a place of confusion and don’t really know when it is going to change, maybe it’s time to focus on yourself.

Imagine that your wishes to invest in your time off to recharge and heal at the same time are coming true. Imagine now you are on your way to Sicily, where the sun is shining and the fragrances of herbs and jasmine flowers in the air start to relax you from the inside.

Here all your wishes of a healing experience will surpass all your expectations!

This private Retreat will provide you with the comfort of the warm sun, a clean Sea, and delicious meals after delicious meals.

Imagine that On June 26th, when you arrive in Sicily, at the amazing Villa Magda, a private luxurious Villa that has been reserved just for you and twenty-seven other special women, that like you, have decided to embark in the experience of a lifetime.


Together we will become a powerful force that connects and transforms not only your wounds, but the part of the collective that is stuck in the paralysis of abuse and shock.

This is your time to stop being resigned into playing small and start allowing all of your dreams to come true.

Imagine how beautiful it will be to learn how to spread your wings again, being supported by such a great group of like minded women .

Imagine how great you will feel in your body, energized with Yoga and dance, moving with grace and harmony every day, to awaken your energetic juices of beauty and self love, while your taste buds are having an all new experience.

Click here to save your spot!

Just bring Yourself and your powerful intentions to turn the corner, to enjoy life to its fullest, to reclaim your voice and you will start to attract what really serves you, your spirit, and awakens your inner joy.

P1130059This is a special place for motivated people like you that want to jump back into the driver seat. Whatever experience has kicked you into the back seat, is now going to be resolved and nullified. This is a great opportunity for you to become the real you.

Enroll now and we’ll call you to answer all of your questions, travel info, talk about the details of the retreat schedule, food preferences, and info about the healers that will guide you through your journey. You will also book a free 45 minutes session with me to assess your specific needs.

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime!

Invest in  yourself and in your well being and self worth.

Join me in Sicily this June to invest in a once of a lifetime experience!

In Love,


The Importance of Finding Oneself

The Italian Retreat Season is in full swing!!

After the first delightful and transformative June Retreat in Sicily, a wonderfully inspiring one in Forte Dei Marmi and a magical one in the hills of Tuscany, I am now preparing for the next wave of Retreats in Sicily on September from 4th-8th and 15th-20th.

The first essential step for me to prepare for a Retreat is my willingness to heal myself, to be able to heal others.  Hours of meditation, spiritual connection and self-reflection are my ways to gain the perspectives and strength to put together the energies and concepts involved to make the healing process successful on such a large scale as on a retreat.

To prepare even further for my next Retreats in Sicily, my feet took me to Assisi, Italy. After the first four days of full immersion in the Spirit of St. Clare and St. Francis, I was magically gifted with so many insights and personal breakthroughs, that I decided to prolong my stay for another week. Walking for hours in the streets and in the woods that carry the imprint of St. Francis’ Spirit, I feel recharged and re-awakened.  While my being is absorbing like a sponge St. Francis’ strong stamina and unstoppable focus, it becomes very clear to me why I am here at this time.

This subtle, yet intense and unequivocal sensation of peace mixed with an unshakable will, is infusing me with a greater focus and strength while I prepare for the “Reclaiming the Lost or Stolen Self” Retreat. It refers to the experience of having lost the sense of self to please or follow someone else’s wishes, needs or manipulations.  St. Francis was aware of the great loss that the soul encounters when it’s shut down or ignored.

His own father, in an attempt to impose his will on St. Francis’ destiny, went to the great extent of torturing and imprisoning him. When St. Francis understood that his life was in the hands of his father’s will, he refused to be forced to obey his commands and follow his prideful lifestyle.  He resisted his father’s pressure and affirmed his love for freedom, simplicity, faith and devotion to the Divine, and strongly chose a new way to relate to life through simplicity and appreciation for all the little things without taking anything for granted. His will was strong and his actions constantly focused on avoiding the traps of human obsession to conquer, to control, to worship money power, and overstepping the human right of personal will.

The “Gandhi” of Italy, with his peaceful way, St. Francis, followed by St. Clare, contrasted the silent, but insidious way of the patriarchal family laws that suppress and over impose over their children will’s, as if the children were personal property.

As I am bathing in St. Francis’ love and St. Clare’s purity and clarity of sight, I feel gratitude and lot’s of enthusiasm. I am looking forward to bringing a brighter light in the heart of anyone that will join me in the Retreats of September 4th- 8th, and 15th -20th, to regain his/her own nature and allow that part that has been lost or stolen, to come back in full force.

The Sicilian Retreats are special for many reasons. Yoga at the beach- delicious home cooked food- amazing sunsets- the clean Mediterranean Sea- combined with healing arts inspired by spiritual insights, and great preparation, to bring in all the Divine Magic that is needed to heal our souls. Don’t miss it!

In Love,


“Reclaiming the Lost or Stolen Self”

We all have a moment in our lives when we start to get a sense of who we are. It can happen as a child or as a teen or as a young adults.

It happens all of sudden, a brief and unique moment when in a flash second you know what you are made of. You are in the presence of that very thing that makes you_YOU!

You start to like it, you walk with it, it feels good and right.

It is a state called individuation. It’s the moment when your soul being is so close to your physical being and start to feed your body, your spirit, gives you your unique perspective and it’s when you start to feel your purpose. It feels so good. You know that that’s YOU!

Then something starts to happen, people around you start to react to the new you and have difficulties accepting and relating to you. You are not a blank page that they can write on, anymore. Maybe someone else’s idea of you, of what you should be or do, start to go in competition with who you are appearing to be. Maybe it wants to prevail and doesn’t let go. Maybe it wants what you have.

You start to doubt yourself and little by little that image and sense of self faints a bit.

It doesn’t go away, it will never really go away, but you start to neglect it and you abandon it.

Sometimes we give our true self away for ‘love’, sometimes is stolen violently, sometimes it happens with under a very masterful manipulation. The thief of your true unique self comes in the most unexpected way. Maybe it is the person that you believed to be your most precious friend, or your secretly jealous sibling, or a lover that cannot live without you and needs all of your attention and energy, at all times. 

It can happen at any time, at any age regardless of social status, level of education or in which part of the country you live. At first it feels good to please and give up. It is the good and naive part of you that gives your treasure away hoping to get it back at some point. But then you see that you keep giving it away, again and again, leaving  very little space left for that original you to play and express himself.

If you recognize yourself in this pattern and sense that inner voice calling you and waiting for you to own your true nature, then this Retreat is perfect for you.

Here you will find a path of love and courage that will take you back home. The only home that you want and crave to master – YOU!


Abuse is a tough word and nobody wants to be near it. But abuse, like onions and green peppers, is everywhere and hides in places that you’ll never suspect.

Abuse is not just part of our personal stories, but is also part of our very historic makeup. A makeup that we keep repeating again and again, sometimes in subtle ways, and sometimes in ways that are still accepted by society, so much so that we barely recognize it as abuse.

To understand abuse, we need to understand that its roots are deep and large, and its memory goes back to the conquering of lands that has justified the slaughtering of innocent lives, the raping of the women and the killing of the strong, without regard for life in any form.

The shock of abuse is imprinted and still present in our human collective subconscious level, and even though we may work to move out of the lines of accepted cruelty as a society, we all carry the potential seed of the abuser or the abused inside of us.

Abuse manifests itself in so many ways and it is fundamental to recognize its signs when you are near it or worse, in it.  It can be subtle, well masked under a supposed love that knows it better, it can be terrifying and does not allow you to move or speak, it can be playing in your mind leaving no space for your own thoughts. It can be putting marks on your skin because you are bad and deserve it, it can rape your innocence because you are too beautiful, and it can abandon you because you don’t count. You may start to believe it, you may feel doomed and unworthy, unable to look up or speak up, and even if you do speak up and move away from it, your body still has it’s visible and invisible marks in it.

Even if you are cheering up now, and finally your smile is back, something can still feel off inside. Your bones know it, remember it and vibrate it back to you when you least expect it. When that happens, your gut is untrusting, your damaged ego doesn’t allow you to show up when you should, and you keep missing important opportunities in life.

The shock of abuse is imprinted and still present in our human collective subconscious level, and even though we may work to move out of the lines of accepted cruelty as a society, we all carry the potential seed of the abuser or the abused inside of us.


If you have had enough of patiently carrying the shame and the weight in your heart of abusive experiences, this Retreat is your opportunity to shed them all, and reclaim your beauty, your intelligence, and your innocence.

This Retreat is for anyone, including very young children, or adults that had a pre-verbal abusive experience, that are looking for the opportunity to break free from any strings or shock from abuse.

   Guided by experts in holistic fields of energy and movement, you will have the opportunity to face your inner world, heal it, and realign it. In this Retreat you will be pampered by five different teachers that are specialized in different fields to allow your body to open up in a very profound way and release the cellular memory of your story and any shock that is still playing like a broken record inside your mind, bones, inner organs, keeping you in a reactive behavior attracting the same reality again and again.Take action and become your own light bearer and take back your power, your worth, and your love for yourself.


In Love



Transformational Retreats with Donatella Moltisanti


Most amazing Sunset in Sicily

Are you unhappy with your life? Are you wanting to let go of the old and ready to dream a new beginning? Are you ready to change direction and need guidance to start a new path? Do you need a break from your routine to go within?

If in your heart you answered yes to the questions above, this Retreat is for YOU.

You are the right candidate to participate in this Retreat if you are ready to create a renewed level of awareness and joy in your life.

A new start and a new life is what you get with this Spiritual Retreat with Donatella. You are in the right place and at the right time to achieve your goals.


<<<<Click here to reserve your spot!>>>>>


Daily Yoga At The Beach

photo 2-5

Every morning we salute the day with a gentle yoga practice that is sensitively prepared by our Yoga Master Pina Bizzarro.

Pina has a natural ability to tune in into the energies or theme of the day and helps our bodies to be opened and fluid to the transformation that the day will bring.

Pina is also a certified Massage Therapist and she is open for bookings during the Retreat.



“I have a renewed understanding of yoga. Pina’s gentle approach has made my body open and more awaken. At the end of the week I felt that my view of yoga has changed. Now I feel less scared and I am looking forward to practicing yoga more regularly.”

~P.L., New York, NY


“Practicing Yoga early mornings at the beach has brought all new sensations to my physical connection. The yoga instructor is absolutely fantastic and her massages are a real treat”

~D.M., New York. NY


Uniting the power of the Summer Solstice with a global yoga practice was a powerful and unique experience. Our gratitude goes to Pina Bizzarro for organizing this event in synchronicity with a world wide yoga population lead by the First Indian Minister Narendra Modi.

photo 1-5

Our group was able to participate to the first celebration of the International Yoga Day during the Summer Solstice Day in 2015.

<<<Click here to reserve your spot>>>>

Are You Ready for a Retreat in Sicily with Donatella?


Garden herbs and local cheeses for our table.

If you are ready to create a renewed level of awareness and joy in your life then you are the right candidate to participate in this retreat.

Being open to the universality of abuse in our society and it’s manifestation in our personal reality is a way to step up to our inner responsibility towards our wellbeing, as well as the collective wellbeing. To do so we need to start to feel the importance of creating a soul path for ourself that is not victimized, in reaction or anger based.

Through the release of any “secrets” that keep your Soul heavy and isolated, Self-Love through rejuvenating practices of dance and sound healing meditations, you will renew your inner Joy, will empower your transformation, and it will set you up for a new beginning with lots of new possibilities on your path to happiness.

You will find that it is possible to speak up and stand up for yourself without feeling in danger. This retreat is born to create a sacred space that holds and heals your body, opens your mind and instills courage in your heart.

Taking time away from regular routines and participating in a retreat in a sacred space is important if you want to put new seeds in the soil of your own future.

<<<<Click here to enroll>>>>








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