Sicily Retreats


Donatella connecting with Secular Trees in the Magic Garden of “Castello di Donnafugata” Santa Croce, Sicily


Do you love doing spiritual work that brings transformational personal growth?

What if you finally allow yourself the benefit of getting out of your routine by traveling to a magical, warm place in Sicily, where all is designed to recharge, unwind, pamper you, and assist you in changing your life, all at the same time?

Well, you can do that now!

For the past four years, I have created an opportunity for you to travel to a paradise where the Sun, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Mediterranean cuisine, will wrap you up in an unforgettable experience of Self Love and Healing.

Being in Sicily, is already by itself, a truly completely amazing experience, and coupled with transformational Energy Work, you’ll be able to use this time to let go of all that needs to go, and replace it right away with so much love and happiness.

This is my personal invitation for you to join me in Sicily for these beautiful and interesting Retreats to help you take back your original strength and true nature. You can choose the theme that suits your needs.

If you want to bathe in the magic of the sacred feminine to restore your relationship with your beauty, self esteem and passion for life from a deep, sacred level, then you are ready to join the Women Only Retreat. Click Here to learn about “The Goddess Path~A Retreat to Revive and Embrace the True Nature of the Feminine” and connect to a wonderful group of likeminded women that see their femininity as a sacred world to be rediscovered outside any common vulgarized ideas and to enjoy it fully in its highest essence. 

Hungry for Love and Connection? Click Here to enroll in my “Personal Transformation~Dealing with the Pain of Rejection and Abandonment” Retreat. If you are ready to dig into a personal transformational experience to heal the experiences of rejection and abandonment and the blocks that have shaped your attitude of defensiveness and isolation, this is the retreat for you. Allow your heart to open again and receive the best that life can provide for you!

During the Retreats, you will enjoy Yoga Classes on the beach, Sound Healing Therapy, Meditations, and Nature walks. All of this together with Energy Work Sessions that will guide you to your next big breakthrough.

Delicious meals that are prepared with love and dedication by two local professional chefs, will make you feel special and pampered throughout your journey to inner freedom.

All of this and more, is what you are going to receive when you participate in one of these beautiful Retreats in Sicily.

These Retreats will only accept a limited number of people, so don’t procrastinate on this invitation!

Enroll now!

Come to Sicily to get back your true self while enjoying the surroundings, relaxing, and attracting a great new reality.

These non-religious Retreats give you high quality comfort and support with professional assistance by healers with more than three decades of experience that will make your journey unforgettable.

To assist you in the process of enrolling, we will provide all the assistance that you need and answer all your questions in a personal enrollment call.

If you feel a powerful desire to be there, follow your heart and Enroll Now!

Before going to Sicily, you will connect with me personally in a 45 minute call that will allow me to get to know you, and to get a specific idea of what areas you will need help with. I am very dedicated to bringing my clients to their next big expansion through the power of the Divine Heart that can bring freedom and happiness.

I truly care, and you will feel it in your heart.

You will know that this adventure will be more than a symbol of your life’s journey from now on, and coming to sunny Sicily will touch you forever!

Want to Learn More? To make sure we serve your needs, we’d love to have a One on One Conversation where you can learn more about how this retreat can truly heal and energize your life!

Click here to schedule your Complimentary One on One Conversation!


See more of beautiful Ragusa here:

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You’ll feel comfortable and pampered at Villa Magda

Villa Magda in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily

Donatella Moltisanti is up for another life-transforming, light-enhancing immersive Meditation Retreat. One of her favorite sites is the Sicilian background made of great sunsets, delicious food and intact nature.

Early yoga classes at the local beach will start your day in harmony and flexibility.



Yoga classes on the beach and energy work sessions will gently guide you to your next big breakthrough.


Nature’s collaboration is constant during the Retreats’ Meditations. Clouds in the sky shaped like a Cross, an Angel or a feather are some of the manifestations that Donatella likes to point it out during the Retreats.

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Donatella often looks at the sky for answers to her prayers and receives messages from the Angels and the Divine through clouds shaped energy.


 image After yoga in the morning we swim and connect with the Spirit of water for deep healing and emotional reconnection.


Donatella prepares for the Retreat connecting to the energy of the Mediterranean Sea and singing the Whales Songs


Our outstanding chefs lovingly prepare original Sicilian dishes and serve them in the most elegant way. A true treat!


Delicious meals prepared with love and dedication by two local professional chefs,  will make you feel special and pampered throughout your journey to inner freedom.

All of this and more, is what you are going to receive when you participate in our “Healing the Wounds of Abuse” Spiritual Retreat in Sicily.

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Winged sunset in Marina di Ragusa 



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For more information, please call (855) Angels 5 or (855)-264 3575 or email

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